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???�天下不�??�恐天下不乱 [wei2 kong3 tian1 xia4 bu4 luan4] /determined by a desire to see the entire world in chaos/lest all less than heaven's not in chaos and problem/ keV Strength, a course of action referred to as Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just 5% of fusible hydrogen, it will suffice to elucidate how stars bought their Power. (We now know that many 'standard' stars comprise far more than 5% hydrogen)|As an Strength resource, the process is the only fusion power method that can be shown to operate applying existing technologies. Nevertheless it might also demand a substantial, continual source of nuclear bombs, making the economics of such a system instead questionable.|Study into creating managed thermonuclear fusion for civil reasons began in earnest while in the 1950s, and it proceeds to this day.|The one other known plausible source of Electricity was conversion of subject to Electrical power; Einstein experienced revealed some years earlier that a little degree of matter was comparable to a large amount of Power.|履約 履约 [lu:3 yue1] /to keep an promise/to keep an appointment/to honor an agreement/to practice economy/}

The only gentleman-made fusion unit to obtain ignition thus far is definitely the hydrogen bomb.[citation necessary] The detonation of the main unit, codenamed Ivy Mike, happened in 1952 and is demonstrated here.

山珍海味 山珍海味 [shan1 zhen1 hai3 wei4] /exotic delicacies/luxurious foodstuff from distant locations/

At the temperatures and densities in stellar cores the rates of fusion reactions are notoriously gradual. Such as, at photo voltaic core temperature (T ??15 MK) and density (160 g/cm3), the energy launch level is barely 276 μW/cm3?�about 1 / 4 with the volumetric amount at which a resting human overall body generates warmth.[twenty five] Hence, copy click here of stellar core circumstances inside a lab for nuclear fusion energy production is completely impractical.

???�子 ?�面�?[ai4 mian4 zi5] /to avoid wasting encounter/to read more bother with shedding confront/proud of just one's reputation/sensitive about getting rid of Status/perception of check herecheck here propriety/

�?�?[zhang1] /to open up/to distribute/sheet of paper/classifier 宿霧語言學校 for flat objects, sheet/classifier for votes/

If make a difference is adequately heated (therefore remaining plasma), fusion reactions could manifest on account of collisions with extreme thermal kinetic energies on the particles.

座無?�席 座无?�席 [zuo4 wu2 xu1 xi2] /lit. a banquet with no empty seats/comprehensive residence/potential crowd/standing home only/

寓�??�于?�務之中 寓�??�于?�务之中 [yu4 guan3 li3 Yu2 fu2 wu4 zhi1 zhong1] /integrated services administration/}

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